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How to choose the right social media agency for your business

Don’t have an in-house marketing superstar you can turn to? No idea what you should be posting online to draw in new clients? We get it.
You’ve got a business to run and heavy workload, which means finding time to brainstorm what caption or image to post on your social media doesn’t happen all that often. And let’s not get started on stories, scheduling, engagement, and hashtags! Eeek!

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Top 10 mistakes businesses – big and small – are making online

Digital marketing: there’s a lot to it, isn’t there? First, there’s your website and branding, then social media content, edms, seo and online advertising. It may seem like a never-ending pipeline of platforms to be across, and to be fair, there kind of is – which does leave room for error when you’re time-poor and under-resourced.