How to choose the right social media agency for your business

Time poor? Don’t have an in-house marketing superstar you can turn to? No idea what you should be posting online to draw in new clients? We get it.

You’ve got a business to run and heavy workload, which means finding time to brainstorm what caption or image to post on your social media doesn’t happen all that often. And let’s not get started on stories, scheduling, engagement, and hashtags! Eeek!

In today’s busy business world, social media marketing is often the first thing pushed down your priority list. Or maybe you are spending a fair amount of time on social media but aren’t getting the results you want. We can help!

So, where to start? The good (and not so good) news for you is you’re spoilt for choice!  There are so many Geelong social media agencies out there. You may have already explored some options and got some quotes. But what should you really be looking for when choosing the right agency for your business?

Sit down and pour yourself a cuppa. We’re about to share some red hot tips with you!

What to look for in a Geelong social media agency. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 things that are essential when outsourcing your organisation’s social media strategy and management. Tip: get the notepad and pen ready!

1. A boutique approach

Handing over the golden keys to your social media accounts is a big deal. The first thing you want to do is find a social media agency you trust! One that will look after your social media as if it were their own. After all, it’s the online face of your business, and often the first thing people will see when they look you up online. And we all know that first impressions are everything.

By choosing a boutique Geelong social media agency, you’re going to get the personalised service you deserve (no hoop jumping), and the opportunity to liaise with one social media star who will get to know the ins and outs of your brand, rather than someone who will be handballing tasks to the intern! Boutique agencies (with small teams) are also a flexible bunch. We’re agile, efficient, and offer scalable packages depending on the size and scope of your work. To put it simply, there are no rigid outdated frameworks we follow, boutique agencies get to know your brand (quickly) and offer a specialised service for just for you. In a nutshell – they just get it done!

2. Strategy, strategy, strategy

Any marketer worth their salt will want to sit down with you and come up with a bulletproof social strategy before any content creation begins. As much as you want to hit the ground running with your social media right away, the right marketer will take some time to get to know your brand and come up with a killer strategy that will nail your brand messaging, target the right audience, and initiate action! Social media is also all about building meaningful connections and having the right strategy in place to genuinely engage your audience and set yourself apart from competitors.

3. A talented team of experts

When choosing a Geelong social media agency, you should also ask what creatives they have in-house or within their network. We’re talking about graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, videographers etc. All of whom can be ready when needed to collaborate on campaigns and bring their expertise to the table. At Buzzpop brands, we’re fortunate to have a talented bunch of creatives on our team (no stale ideas or approaches here folks, we’re 100% original!). If you want to find out more about how our social media services work and inclusions, get in touch!

We’re agile, efficient, and offer scalable packages depending on the size and scope of your work.

Our director, Kate has built a team of trusted specialists to partner with on any digital marketing project.

4. Impact-focused

Social media is all about the long game! We’d be flat-out lying to you if you were going to get a guaranteed x percentage increase in sales each month. It just doesn’t work that way. However, you do want to be seeing results when you’re forking out funds and know that there are conversions happening. By working with an agency that has expertise in understanding the back-end insights of social media and what works will be key to your success. Before you lock into any agreement, you should be asking what level of reporting and analysis the agency provides at the end of the month/quarter to measure results!

5. Portfolio of works

It may seem straightforward, but does the social media agency have work and client names visible on their website? Sure, a shiny website and flashy logo will draw you in, but how do you know if they have got the goods?
When choosing a social media agency, make sure they’re transparent with who they work with so you can see what they’re capable of. It’s also good to look out for some kind words from happy clients via their website, facebook and google reviews. Agencies love to show off the work they do for their clients, so make sure you have a look around to see if it’s the right fit for you.

6. Purpose

The ‘p’ word. Yes, it’s slightly overused at the moment, but it’s kinda legit. If you’re a good corporate citizen you’re likely to want to partner with an agency who shares the values of your organisation. We believe all social media activity should be aligned with your brand and business strategy which includes your purpose, vision and values. Here at MadeGreat, we believe in using social media for good and that’s the fundamental reason we get up in the meorning.

Keen to learn more about how we can create some buzz on your socials? Get in touch with MadeGreat director Kate. We’re always up for a friendly chat.

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