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Ask Me Anything’ Strategy Sessions with Kate Ware

We’re thrilled to now be offering a new service, something truly Great: the rare opportunity to ‘pick-the-brain’ of our Managing Director and Principal Strategist, Kate Ware. These sessions are about giving you direct access to Kate’s years of experience in digital marketing and branding. It’s a no-nonsense, ask-her-anything opportunity, whether you’re looking for advice on your marketing strategy or just want to pick the brain of someone who’s been in the game for more than 15 years.


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What You’ll Get:

  • 60 minutes of informal, one-on-one conversation.
  • A private online discussion, just you and Kate.
  • You bring the questions, Kate brings her informed and honest answers.
  • Anything from the ins and outs of marketing strategy to tips on growing your brand or how best to approach your brand + marketing strategy for 2024.

Who Should Join:

  • Business owners looking to evolve, scale or improve their marketing while using their budget efficiently.
  • Teams that could benefit from a third-party perspective on their marketing plans.
  • Anyone in marketing looking for peer advice from a senior marketing professional.

How to Book:

  • Book a session at a time that best suits you via our booking link here.
  • Cost: $280+GST per 60 minute session

Why It’s Worth It:

  • Direct Access: This is your opportunity to talk directly with someone without any barriers who knows their marketing stuff.
  • Tailored Advice: Kate’s feedback will be specific to you and your situation.
  • Get Ahead: Use what you learn to make better decisions and give your brand or career a boost.
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Kate’s the heart and brains behind Made Great. She’s been at the heart of digital marketing and social media since it first hit Australian shores. When she started Made Great (originally BuzzPop Brands) in 2014, her goal was to build an agency that genuinely listens and responds to its clients need and helps them build meaningful and successful brands.

Kate takes a strategic brand approach to marketing and social media by building strong foundations for her clients’ brands through watertight strategy, best practice implementation and ongoing support. 

With a keen eye for data analysis, Kate responds creatively to the story the metrics share. For her, this is the beauty of digital marketing.

Not Quite sure?

Email us at [email protected] and see if this service is for you. 

A marketing strategy acts as a roadmap for your business to follow in order to reach your target audience effectively and achieve your marketing goals. It helps to identify your ideal target audience, your unique proposition (USP), and the most effective channels to reach and engage with your audience. During a social media marketing strategy session, we also deep dive into content types, messages and key pillars to assist you in your content creation process.

Having a well-structured and thought-out marketing strategy also allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and identify opportunities for adjustments to be made.

This will depend on a number of different factors such as the size of your business and what your goals are. As a general rule, we recommend a cross-functional team to attend the initial strategy workshop. This would be inclusive of members from management, marketing and sales. It’s also essential that the people who will be running and executing the day-to-day strategy, whether they are a junior team member or an intern, are included in the session too so that they have the opportunity to provide their own perspectives and insights.

It’s important to have the right people in the room to make sure you are covering all the bases and that everyone has a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the digital marketing strategy.

Depending on your goals and objectives we can help you with one (or a combination) of the following strategic directions:

  • Brand – Including exploration and discussion of your business name, vision, mission, brand values, USP and brand messaging.
  • Content & Organic – Including discussion of key messages, the competitive landscape, audience personas, platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Google My Business), tone of voice, content pillars, creative direction and community management.
  • Digital Advertising – Including exploration of the digital funnel, timelines and campaign approach, platforms for paid advertising (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Search, Google Display), keywords and budgets.
  • Email Marketing, PR and Traditional Marketing – Including discussion around email platforms and usage, database recommendations, PR opportunities, press releases, and alternative traditional marketing opportunities include print, radio etc.