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Launching a new product to the market can be scary!
No matter if you’re a big consumer brand, like Messy Monkeys, or a new start-up ready to launch for the first time ever, it’s nerve-wracking nonetheless. Our team of expert strategists and social media specialists can help you develop a killer strategy, so you can launch with confidence!

The Client

Messy Monkeys is a well-known FMCG brand specialising in ‘healthier-for-you’ Gluten Free snacks and cereals for kids. Messy Monkeys are easily accessible from Coles and Woolworths retailers and pride themselves on being a healthy, affordable and delicious option for kids.

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The Challenge

Messy Monkeys developed a new range of products in May 2022 and were ready to officially launch them to the market. This provided a great opportunity to engage with, educate and promote these new products to their existing customers, as well as engage new audiences.

As a long-standing client, Messy Monkeys engaged us to assist with the launch of the 6 x new products. The key objective of this launch was to drive strong brand awareness and education about the new products, which would ultimately lead to sales in-store.

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Our Approach

We worked closely together with the Messy Monkeys internal marketing team to develop a targeted and robust Digital Marketing Strategy for the new product launch. We identified the need to focus on brand awareness and education through cohesive messaging and engaging creative across multiple marketing channels.

The strategy encapsulated all areas of importance for the launch, which was inclusive of (but not limited to), organic asset production, paid media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google, as well as a comprehensive Influencer Marketing Strategy and campaign.

Our relaunch strategy outlined a two-tiered approach to messaging to promote the new products successfully and appropriately to the relevant audiences. We did this to ensure the creative and captions were all as relevant and relatable to their key target audiences as possible.

The Results

The strategy delivered exceptional results with over 4 million impressions made and more than 1.2 million people reached.

Throughout the two-month campaign period on Meta, more than 2.7K link clicks resulted from an ad spend of just $1,400. Alongside this, a $0.52 cost per click (CPC) and more than 175K ad impressions were achieved across Facebook and Instagram platforms.


Current Quarter

Previous Quarter

Through a combination of our influencer, organic and paid media campaigns, we were able to successfully engage, reach and spread the word about the new products Messy Monkeys had launched.


Current quarter

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Current quarter

Previous quarter


Current quarter

Previous quarter

This proved to positively impact the broader brand awareness and in-store sales of the wider Messy Monkeys product range.

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