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We get it! Paid digital advertising can be daunting for small businesses.
Killer Google Search ad results for small businesses. No matter your industry, it’s possible to achieve great results online when you have a strategic approach to your campaign. See how we achieved just that for Crichton Removals.

The Client

Crichton Removals is an award-winning business and industry leader located in Geelong. Originally established back in the 1960s, Crichton Removals quickly expanded from a small furniture removalist to a larger removals business which now includes numerous removalist trucks as well as a storage warehouse.

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The Challenge

Crichton Removals had previously been doing online Google Search ads, however, were not getting ideal results due to the simplistically set campaigns.

Crichton Removals came to us to manage their Google Ad campaigns strategically with the goal to achieve increased quality leads and click-throughs to their website.

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Our Approach

We applied a strategic approach and structure for Crichton Removals for their Google Ads Campaign. As a small business with a limited marketing budget, we structured our campaign with a ‘test and learn’ intention.

We applied a strategic approach and structure for Crichton Removals for their Google Ads Campaign. As a small business with a limited marketing budget, we structured our campaign with a ‘test and learn’ intention.

We recommended beginning with Google Search ads, to test and see what results could be achieved by targeting audiences with direct search intent. This would run for a two-month campaign period. Following this, we suggested running ‘test and learn’ traffic campaigns on Meta to compare the results across both platforms.

The Google Search campaign was created first with a Leads objective, aimed at delivering as many website leads or clicks through to the website as possible.
We structured the campaign with two separate ad group intentions. The first targeting people who were searching generically for ‘furniture removalists’, and the second targeting those searching with location intent, i.e. ‘furniture removalist geelong’.

By structuring the campaign strategically and using responsive text ads, we were able to clearly identify the better-performing keywords and groups and optimise the ads accordingly.

The Meta ad campaign for Crichton was never executed as originally planned. This was due to the incredible results achieved via Google. Take a look below!

The Results

Google Search Ads for Crichton Removals were so successful in the first two months of the campaign that our original strategic plan for testing and learning across platforms (e.g. Meta) was deemed unnecessary.

Throughout the two-month campaign period on Meta, more than 2.7K link clicks resulted from an ad spend of just $1,400. Alongside this, a $0.52 cost per click (CPC) and more than 175K ad impressions were achieved across Facebook and Instagram platforms.



The success on Google was too strong, and we did not want to risk the potential decrease in Leads, performance and ROAS by turning off such a successful campaign.







Within the first two months on Google, the Crichton Removals Search ads achieved more than 3.8K ad impressions, over 322 clicks (or leads) and a click-through rate of more than 8.47%. Just incredible!!

Conversions for this campaign were defined as the number of people who clicked the ‘call’ button through to Crichton Removals. For this campaign period, there were 81 conversions and a fantastic conversion rate of 25.16%. We continue to see these results increase as the campaign continues.

With support from the client, due to the smaller budget and exceptional results, we were receiving already, we made the collective decision to continue with Google Search ads and not test and learn with Meta. We will continue to revisit this strategy and potential cross-platform testing if it is deemed opportunistic in future.

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