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A fresh and exciting re-brand to reflect the smooth transition of a much-loved Australian brew. Our team of brand strategists and digital experts crafted a brand + marketing strategy for Wildah to align with their new, bold look and delicious reformulations.

The client

Wildah, owned by Australian beverage manufacturer IDL previously known as ‘Fat Pixie Brews’, create hard ciders and ginger beer with bold flavours, that are vegan and gluten-free.
Priding themselves on quality by using the finest Australian ingredients, they are a quintessential, iconic Aussie beverage. The bright new colours of the Wildah range can be found glistening on shelves at Liquorland and First Choice Liquor.

The challenge

Talk about busy! Wildah worked hard to enhance their brews, develop new artwork to highlight an exciting change in brand and were ready to launch into some of Australia’s top liquor retailers through an exclusive partnership. A ripe opportuntity for us to crack the can, so to speak, and promote the new collection by educating existing and new customers on the transition with the objective to echo the adventurous, cheeky and down-to-earth character that Wildah had created.

Our approach

We worked closely with the team at Wildah to develop a targeted Brand + Digital Marketing Strategy + Launch Campaign that spanned multiple marketing channels with 
a focus on brand awareness and education of the re-brand and new product launch through clear messaging and engaging creative.
Our re-brand strategy included comprehensive content production by developing creative direction and co-ordinating multiple photoshoots to update their website and social platforms. We also utilised paid media campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to further drive awareness of the change-over to key audiences. 

By blending together strong messaging alongside new creative, we were able to really blow the lid off in delivering an impactful and seamless transition of ‘Fat Pixie’ to the bold and adventurous Wildah brand.


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