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The RMIT College of Business Alumni identified a gap in their communication with their community.

Many of their alumni were active on social media, particularly LinkedIn, but there was no unique brand presence to engage with them there.

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Our Approach

After consulting with internal stakeholders and researching the market, we developed a targeted Digital Marketing Strategy in line with the College’s Strategic Plan.

We created a blog to host alumni stories and activated a LinkedIn profile to build the alumni community. This approach drove a sense of belonging, celebrated success stories and identified warm ‘lead’s to re-engage alumni within the university; through guest speaking, mentoring or offering internship opportunities to current students.

The Results

Creation and delivery of content strategy across LinkedIn, Instagram, and EDM’s.

The content strategy leaned heavily on showcasing case studies of RMIT Business Alumni to help grow connection, engagement and overall sentiment and brought the marketing activities in line with current industry benchmarks after previously sitting significantly below.

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