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A full-scale, holistic marketing strategy can assist in a company’s rebrand and overall marketing goals.

The Client

Freedom Classic is a large FMCG organisation base in Melbourne, Victoria. Specialising in Gluten Free breakfast cereals, Freedom Foods was originally developed back the 1990s to truly disrupt the gluten free food industry. With a passion for making better-for-you foods easily accessible for Australians to buy and enjoy, Freedom quickly became one of the biggest players in the market.

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The Challenge

Freedom Foods relaunched to the market in June 2022 with a new look and feel as Freedom Classic. This was an exciting opportunity for the brand to deliver to market the new value proposition under new ownership, alongside a range of new and reformulated products and packaging.

As a long-standing client, Freedom Classic engaged us to assist with the relaunch of the brand from a holistic marketing perspective. They wanted to drive strong brand awareness and education about the relaunch to their existing and new customers, which would internally lead to sales conversions.

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Our Approach

Working collaboratively with the internal marketing team at Freedom Classic, we developed a targeted Digital Marketing Strategy for the relaunch. This was strategically in line with the new brand direction and approach of Freedom Classic, developed with the underlying intention to drive mass brand awareness.

We created a multi-phased campaign approach, which would initially focus on educating and nurturing the existing Freedom community. This phase was executed through a strategic combination of organic and paid content across Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Our second phase of the campaign, was executed across a longer time period and focused on two separate tiers of content that would be delivered to drive extensive awareness of the new Freedom Classic brand.

The campaign was executed through a variety of different marketing channels and methods. We created content specifically targeted to the audiences that would be utilised across organic and paid platforms on Facebook and Instagram as well as coordinating a succinct Influencer Marketing Campaign.

As part of the strategic mix, we included the Coles Online Shopping Platform of Citrus, which successfully drove sales of the Freedom Classic products.
We also ran some influencer and brand-based ads on TikTok, which was a first time test for Freedom Classic. But deemed an important part of the campaign strategy due to the ability of the platform to deliver mass reach and awareness results.

The Results

Throughout the campaign period, through our strategic approach to the relaunch, we were able to achieve more than 20.9 million ad impressions across all platforms.

Throughout the two-month campaign period on Meta, more than 2.7K link clicks resulted from an ad spend of just $1,400. Alongside this, a $0.52 cost per click (CPC) and more than 175K ad impressions were achieved across Facebook and Instagram platforms.


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With brand awareness being the main objective of this relaunch campaign, the results simply speak for themselves.


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Current quarter

Previous quarter


Current quarter

Previous quarter

With more than 20.5K clicks, 543K video views and an engagement rate of 4.97%, it’s clear that mass brand awareness was definitely achieved!

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