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Amid the pandemic, with in-person interactions no longer viable, Deloitte recognised the heightened significance of their digital networks.

Leveraging the profiles of its partners within the Deloitte Australia SAP group, the company managed to maintain strong connections and communication with its key stakeholders and remain top-of-mind.

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Our Approach

By delivering targeted content and expert copywriting, we showcased the SAP Partnership’s authority and expertise on LinkedIn.

Through a range of thought leadership pieces, including both long and short-form content, and digital activations, we were able to demonstrate Deloitte’s reputation in the market and strengthen its presence.

Furthermore, we utilized the potential of organic social media to position the Practice’s Partners as the most robust brand advocates for the firm. Through our strategy, we aimed to show, rather than tell, why Deloitte is a respected industry leader and establish their Partners as thought leaders in their respective fields.

The Results

With an overall project spend of around $75,000, our team generated over $318,000 worth of reach and engagement, more than four times Deloitte’s return on investment (ROI).

Our strategy of leveraging organic content on LinkedIn was able to achieve significant results and demonstrate the value of investing in this approach. The success of this project highlights the potential of organic social media for generating substantial returns at a fraction of the cost of paid advertising.

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